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KUALA LUMPUR [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/chris-smalling-man-utd-jersey.html]Chris Smalling Jersey UK[/url] , June 28 (Xinhua) -- Malaysian analysts have given positive feedback on the partnership between China's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Malaysia's car maker Proton as it paves way for Geely to expand into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market.


The partnership gives Geely an expedited route into growing ASEAN markets while offering Proton access to new product platforms and manufacturing expertise, said Alexander Chia, an analyst with RHB Research Institute said in a report on Wednesday.


"Proton would now have a realistic chance of reclaiming its leadership position in the domestic automotive market with Geely's backing, in addition to making significant inroads into regional markets," he added.


Last Friday [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/anthony-martial-man-utd-jersey.html]Anthony Martial Jersey UK[/url] , Proton's owner DRB-HICOM signed an agreement with Geely, whereby the latter will have a 49.9-percent stake in Proton for a consideration of 460.3 million ringgit (107 million U.S. dollars).


CIMB Research's analyst Mohd Shanaz Noor Azam is also positive on the deal as this should expedite a turnaround for Proton.


Based on the agreement, Proton is required to relocate its current manufacturing, testing-related research and development (R&D) and administrative activities at the Shah Alam plant to its manufacturing plant located in Tanjung Malim.


The deal is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter this year. It still requires nods from DRB-HICOM's shareholders and regulatory authorities in China.


However, Choo Ping Khoon with Kenanga Research raised his concern over execution risk in the new partnership to revive Proton over the longer term.


"While Geely is more popularly known for its successful acquisition of Volvo [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/david-de-gea-man-utd-jersey.html]David de Gea Jersey UK[/url] , the ability of Geely to assist Proton from technical and marketing perspective as well as to penetrate new markets remains a concern given that Geely is also a relatively weak brand from a global perspective with a global market share of less than 5 percent," he said.


Therefore, he opined that Proton still has to deal with the challenges posed by increasing competition and a weak brand perception.


Under the agreement, Proton will be granted a period of five years to manufacture, sell [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/]Manchester United Jersey UK[/url] , market and distribute any four current and future Geely platform vehicles under the "Proton" brand name in Malaysia.


It is noted that Geely Boyue will be the first-ever sports utility vehicle line up for Proton.


China Focus: China remains anchor of growth, globalization


Senior Ukrainian intelligence officer killed in car blast in Kiev


NY subway derailed with 30-plus injured


At least 25 bodies of drowned migrants found near Tripoli of Libya


China, Kyrgyzstan hold anti-terror drill in Xinjiang


In pics: woodblock movable type printing in C China


Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr worldwide


Plane Pull fundraising campaign held in Vancouver, Canada

There are quite a number of ways to feel that surge of adrenaline. One of the legal but slightly life threatening methods available to tease your nerve endings would be adventure sports. Adventure sports are not as popular as the professional league sports such as soccer or hockey among the common public. But there will always be a bunch of crazy people who love to perform these insane antics either as amateurs or professionals. It’s true that you don’t get paid as much as the professional league players do, but there’s just something off the hook about being extreme that gets a few addicted. Once you hop on a skateboard and love the feeling of the wind rushing against your face you’re never going to forget it.
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Mega ramp skateboarding: If you thought skateboarding was insane, then check this out. Mega ramp skateboarding involves skating off an ultra [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/diogo-dalot-man-utd-jersey.html]Diogo Dalot Manchester United Jersey UK[/url] , mega ramp that contains basically three structures- a roll-in, a gap jump, and a vert quarter pipe.
Ostrich racing: The imagery of this particular term may seem funny, but in reality, this can be pretty dangerous. The race involves sitting on the back of an ostrich and racing fellow contestants. The extreme factor here is that [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/fred-man-utd-jersey.html]Fred Manchester United Jersey UK[/url] , considering the fact that ostriches are pretty aggressive animals, you may never know when the ostrich you’re riding may turn against and attack the rider himself.
Wingsuit base jumping: Here you basically run off a cliff while wearing a funny wingsuit and try to fly. Not that you will be flying in the strictest sense of the word, but when jumping off a greater altitude you can get an experience on how it will feel to actually fly. Sometimes, with BASE jumping, people wear a wingsuit and ski equipment and literally glide off a snow packed cliff. Awesome fun.
Parkouring: Ah [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/marcos-rojo-man-utd-jersey.html]Marcos Rojo Manchester United Jersey UK[/url] , the wonders of parkouring. To me parkouring looks like a bunch of hyperactive idiots, bouncing of walls to waste away some of that excess energy. Well, the best part about parkouring is that you can do it anywhere. Anyplace, anytime. Maneuvering around obstacles such as walls, street lamps [url= http://www.manchesterunitedproshopuk.com/lee-grant-man-utd-jersey.html]Lee Grant Manchester United Jersey UK[/url] , sidewalks and staircases is what parkouring is all about. Some adrenaline craving experts also try this very innovative game by hopping roof tops.
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