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Manchester United are arguably the best club on the planet [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Air Force One[/url] , but this multi zillion pound club started because Newton Heath L&YR F. C. in 1878, as the works team for that Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Health.


They played on a small, dilapidated field on North Road, near the future site from the Manchester Piccadilly railway train station for fifteen years, and then in 1983 these people moved to play on Bank Street in a nearby town called Clayton. In 1902 this ground was closed as Manchester United were nearly kicked from the football league due in order to debts of two thousand and five hundred pounds [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Air Jordan Shoes[/url] , but thankfully just prior to the club could be turn off they received a big investment from J. H. Davies, the managing director associated with Manchester breweries.


Manchester United’s first major signing was of Charlie Roberts associated with Grimsby Town for ?750 within April 1904, they believe that this particular signing helped Manchester United to third within the very next season. In the 1905-1906 season Manchester United were finally promoted to the First Division, where two years later they emerged as champions for the first time.


On the 19th of February Manchester United played their first game in the still standing Old Trafford arena, their first game had been looking an ease [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Nike Air Jordan[/url] , beating Liverpool 3-0 at half time only to lose 4-3, they went on which season to win no silver wear, and in the next ten years the club started declining within the ranks until 1922 when they were relegated back down to Division Two.


Three seasons before globe war two, Manchester United were promoted, then relegated [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Air Jordan[/url] , then promoted once once again, providing them with an area in division one when the war was finally over.


In the season associated with 1956-57, Manchester United became the first season to compete in the European Cup, and it was with this competition that Manchester United recorded their biggest win up to now, beating a Belgium team 10-0 before being knocked out within the semi finals by Real Madrid.


Tragedy struck the next season like a plane crash killed 8 of Manchester United’s players on a holiday to the Germany for an European match. Geoff Bent [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Air Max Shoes[/url] , Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Nike Air Max[/url] , Tommy Taylor and Liam Whelan in which the players killed that day, these players will in no way be forgotten.


In the early 70’s Manchester United changed the badge towards the badge we know off today. Soon after that, in 1986, the introduction of Sir Alex Ferguson was happening as he took over the manager’s position.


Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t have much success at Manchester united before year of 1998 exactly where his team secured the best season in the history of English Football, completing the treble of the Premier League [url= http://www.cheapwholesaleshoesshop.com/]Cheap Air Max[/url] , the FA cup and the Champions League.


Manchester United seemed ordinary before season of 2006-07 once they won the Premier League, scraping past Chelsea. This gave Manchester United and their young guns of Rooney and Ronaldo confidence to rule the scenes in the next season as Manchester United completed the double, winning the Premier League and also the European Cup.


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