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Glass Special suppliers  


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26/11/2018 07:19  
REXI spider glass is composed of a glass panel, a point support device and other support structure. It has the stability of steel structure, the lightness of glass and the precision of machinery.
China spider glass factory offer calls it point-support curtain wall. According to the decorative effect of the facade, it is divided into flat head-supported and a convex head-supported. According to the support structure, it is divided into glass rib, steel structure, steel tie rod and steel cable point support curtain wall, they have different spider glass price.
The development and application of it have shown a strong vitality from the very beginning. It provides a new design space for architectural masters and will undoubtedly promote the development and extension of building facade.
China spider glass manufacturers can make good permeability: the glass panel is connected to the support structure through only a few points, almost no shielding, it can reach the best sight and the maximum visual field through it, the transparency is applied to the limit.
It has good flexibility: In the design of metal fasteners and metal connectors, in order to reduce or eliminate the stress concentration at the edge of the glass plate, the glass plate and the connector are in an articulated state. The points can be freely rotated, and also allow a little translation, used to make up for the error in the installation construction, so it generally does not generate installation stress, and can follow the load and deformation generated by the supporting structure. At the same time, spider glass technology can meet the needs of architectural modeling to the maximum.Glass Special suppliers
website: http://www.rexiindustries.com/special-glass/glass-special/


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