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China Aluminum Composite Panel suppliers  


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08/01/2019 05:18  
1.Brush Finished aluminum composite panel’s Describe
ONEBOND PVDF Coated Aluminum composite panels is a compound panel consist of two pro-painted aluminum cover sheets that are fusion bonded to both sides of a polyethylene core. PVDF coating is well known for its outstanding performance in outdoor application, the surface are coated by exclusively high-quality lacquer systems with PVDF coil coating which have an optimum resistance against strong solar radiation, weather and industrial pollution. Those properties are achieved by using UV resistant bonding agents and PVDF top coats.
Why choose Aluminum Composite Panels?
Strong, lightweight,      high-performing product
Easily fabricated and      installed
Endless formability      for radius and column coven applications with a 30-year finish warranty
Endless palette of      colors
Smooth, non-embossed      surface
Ultimately flat
Corrosion resistant
Building code      approved, performance tested systems
Manufactured in      controlled environment, leading to increased quality control
Includes estimate and      design services to eliminate any potential inconsistencies before panels      arrive on jobsite
Excellent      strength-to-weight ratio
100% recyclable      material
2.Raw Material
A) Front: Aluminum alloy sheet coated with fluoro-carbon resin (PVDF) and polyester resin (PE) roasting painting
B) Core: Nontoxic polyethylene
C) Back: Aluminum alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting
D) Surface finish: Treated with PVDF and PE resin rolling roasting
E) Surface coating thickness: 30um
F) Aluminum alloy sheet thickness: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm,0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm
3. Brush Finished Aluminum Composite Panel’s Specification
Panel Thickness4mm3-8mm
Rear Aluminum Skin Thickness0.5mm0.21-0.5mm
Standard Panel Length2440mm<5800mm
Standard Panel Width1220mm<=1500mm
ColorRefer to color chart &finished
4. Brush Finished aluminum composite panel’s Application
Decoration Materials
Electric Appliances
Lamp Industry
Audio Industry
Transportation Industry
Furniture Industry
5. Brush Finished Aluminum Composite Panel’s Benefit
Super thickness front aluminum sheet. The front aluminum sheet thickness can reach 1.5mm,and is the best in all fact. Supply super building decorate panel, excellent rigidity, intensity, loading powder and fire- proof, can meet special requirement from client
Good Security. From the performance, the sub-item test is well below the standard of GB8624-2006, Limits of releasing harmful substances meet requirement of GB18580-2001, is the best comparing to other ACP. Considering the material, 4mm thickness ACP is about 8 kg/sqm, Using the stone pattern fireproof ACP replaces real stone, in high building external wall light and safe..

6.Packing DetailsChina Aluminum Composite Panel suppliers
website: http://www.onebond.net/composite-panel/aluminum-composite-panel/


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