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Hosted by spouses at the Chinese Mission to the Africa Union on the premises of the Mission Head's residence in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, the Qipao Fashion Show event on Saturday featured performances on different themes, including young girls' beauty; wedding; hosting friend; Chinese Romeo and Juliet dance; violin solo: a fishing boat song at dusk; and learning embroidery among others.


During the event that also displayed sample qipaos, an eight-year-old Chinese girl, in particular, captured the attention and the heart of the audience with her performance on violin solo: a fishing boat song at dusk.


According to Kuang Weilin [url= http://www.ultraboostuncagedcheap.com/]Cheap Adidas Ultra Boots 3.0[/url] , Head of the Chinese Mission to the Africa Union, the event was hosted by the spouses at the Mission in connection with the upcoming International Women's Day, aiming to promote the rich Chinese cultural elements to the rest of the world.


Kuang told Xinhua after the show that it was a successful event.


Stating that many Africans and other nationals do not know about China's qipao, also known as Mandarin gown, Kuang said the event was a very good platform to promote the traditional clothing and related cultural elements to diplomats of different countries.


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He said the Mission would continue to host such events in future with a view of promoting the rich culture of China to the rest of the world.


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