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China Gearbox suppliers  


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06/08/2018 04:18  

H=Helical gear units
B=Bevel-helical gear units
Example B3SH 11
Bevel-helical gear unit,3-stage,design A,i=16,solid output shaft design ,horizontal mounting position ,size 11
Characteristic Features
AJF gear units are a completely new design. Advantages are:
●more sizes with a reduced variety of parts;
●higher operational reliability combined with increased power capacity;
●predominantly non-contacting wear-resistant labyrinth seals are possible;
●flanged output shafts to facilitate assembly of gear units in confined spaces (on request).
Mounting position
AJF gear units can be supplied for either horizontal or vertical installation.
Other arrangements are also possible on request.
The basic gear unit can be optimally adapted to customer requirements by fitting different add-on pieces like motor bell housings. gear unit swing-bases or backstops.
Noise behavior
New concepts were applied to clearly improve the noise emission of the gear units by
●designing noise-absorbing housings by means of the computing program; and
●achieving exceptionally large contact ratios.
Thermal conduction
AJF gear units not only have a high efficiency but also a favorable thermal conduction
●through enlarged housing surface areas;
●because non-contacting labyrinth seals can be used; and
●because large fans incorporating a new type of air conduction fan cowl are being used.
The selection of AJF gear units is based on a lower maximum oil
temperature. By that, the operational reliability will be increased and the cost of maintenance reduced due to longer oil change intervals.
applicable condition
Home application/Industrial/Boat/Truck/Driving part/Textile
installation instructions
As the requirements of clients/Adjustable
The following items are absolutely to be observed!
●illustrations are examples only and are not strictly binding. Dimensions are subject to change.
●The weights are mean values and not strictly binding.
●To prevent accidents, all rotating parts should be guarded according to local and national safety regulations.
●Prior to commissioning, the operating Instructions must be observed .The gear units are delivered ready for operation but without oil filling.
●oil quantities given are guide values only. Th. exact quantity of oil depends on the marks on the oil dipstick.
●The oil viscosity has to correspond to the data given on the name plate.
●Permitted lubricants may be used only.
●The gear units are supplied with radial shaft seals. Other sealing variants on request.
●Directions of rotation referring to output shaft d2.
●In case of outdoor installation, insulation is to be avoided. The customer has to provide adequate protection.
Explanation of symbols used In the dimensioned drawings:
= Oil dipstick
= Breather
= Oil drain
= Oil filler
From size 13 up jack screws In the housing feet, and leveling pads on the upper housing part.
Foundation bolts of min. Propertyclass8.8.
The gear housing are protected against corrosion.
product modelvoltagetorquespeedpowercurrentworking dutyprotection classReduction ratio
Outline and installation dimension appearance
PVC sheet coated with Squirrel cage box,This box not contains wooden element.
Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co.,Ltd(Boshan Motor Factory)
address:NO.76 Beishan Road Zibo Shandong 255200 China
telephone number:+86 533 3571651
Fax:+86 533 3571655
Email:info@shenbomotor.cnChina Gearbox suppliers
website: http://www.shanbo-motor.com/gearbox/


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